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Tinted Moisturizer Cream, SPF 15 - Best for Light, Fair & Sensitive Skin - With Vitamins B, C & E - 100% Natural - Gives Even, Healthy Glow, Tone to Face & Neck Daily - Use Day & Night to Curb Aging

$24.95 $89.95

Getting your skin tone to that perfect, healthy glow is as much art as science. Let's start with the science first.

How would you like skin firmness and elasticity to increase? Or your luminosity to increase? As well as enjoying increased moisturization and hydration? This Tinted Moisturizer makes skin feel incredible, hydrated, and look great.

Also, this wonderful little bottle of Tinted Moisturizer is SPF 15 and as you know, sunblock is the ULTIMATE anti-aging fighter. Many dermatologists attribute a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles to cellular renewal.

The art is knowing how to blend Vitamins A, B, C, & E, as well as retinol, Aloe Vera, and more - see full ingredient list below.


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