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SPORT Ultra Sunscreen - With 10% Zinc Oxide & Sundrisol7™

$24.95 $49.95

  • Whether you're surfing, marathoning, playing tennis, biking, boarding or any other active sport or activity - know you're protected. Sweat for up to 80 minutes straight!
  • It's hypoallergenic and doesn't have any of those nasty chemicals such as parabens and comedogens. Unlike other lotions and sprays, this doesn't sting your eyes if sweat happens to drip into them.
  • The only way you'll find a better sport sunscreen is if you're willing to pay over $100 for it. Andre Lorent sport sunscreen guarantees 100% your satisfaction!


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SPORT Ultra Sunscreen - With 10% Zinc Oxide & Sundrisol7™

It goes on and stays on - no matter how much you sweat or how active you are while wearing this wonderful Sport Sunscreen Lotion from Andre Lorent.

Unlike other sport sunscreens which, when you sweat begin to run in your eyes and stings... you'll experience none of that with Andre Lorent Sport Sunscreen.

One of the reasons this amazing sport sunscreen works so well has to do with the 10% zinc oxide concentration. This is the highest concentration you'll encounter in the market for under $100.

Zinc Oxide, the way Andre Lorent has formulated it, creates a protective physical barrier over the skin to block both UVA an UVB sun's rays. What this means is not only are you protected from the harmful sun's rays, your skin is simultaneously hydrated and moisturized!

Plus the trade secret ingredient Sundrisol7(TM) which acts as the ultimate anti-aging agent.

Andre Lorent contains all the right ingredients including vitamin e for long lasting moisturization and vitamin b-5 for rapid tissue repair. It contains none of the wrong ingredients. It's paraban free, non-comedogenic. It's hypoallergenic and doesn't have anything other nasty chemicals.

Buy today and join the many active men and women who swear by Andre Lorent Ultra Sport Sunscreen.

SPORT Ultra Sunscreen - With 10% Zinc Oxide & Sundrisol7™