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Beauty To Give

André Lorent gives back to community, by donating 100% of the profits on select products to charities that we pick to work with.

We call it our "Beauty to Give" fundraising program. Here is how it works!

It's that simple. Literally all you have to do is send out an email (one that we provide, that you can edit as you see fit) and we do the rest. We send you a check 30-45 days later for 100% of the profits. 

It is a win-win. 

As you can imagine, we obviously cannot work with every charity who approaches us, since we are giving away all our profits and this is very costly for us.  This program is popular and its common for the same organization to ask us to repeat this several times a year for different products, since this such an easy fundraiser for their organization.

Therefore, we want you to understand the guidelines for your organization to qualify for participation in our program.

For Your Organization To Qualify, You Must Meet These Criteria:

  1. Have an email list size of at least 2,000 or more donors. Sorry, but if you do not have an email list of this size, we cannot work with you because we spend a lot of time and resources to build special webpages and commit a lot of product and resources - and we have found that an email list of less than 2,000 is not worth doing for the effort involved. 
  2. You will be asked to commit to a schedule of dates. Because we are committing a certain amount of our inventory to this, and our inventory levels fluctuate, we will ask your organization to adhere to a strict schedule for dates upon which you must (a) send out the email and (b) end the promotion.
  3. Ideally, we want organizations that are easy to work with, and recognize the fantastic opportunity here for them to make raise money rather easily for very little work. We prefer working with organizations who will trust to use our marketing process and use our email template so as to get maximum sales from your donor base.
  4. Please note - Even if you meet the above criteria, we cannot guarantee your participation in this fundraising program, as there may be other charities ahead of you. To avoid disappointment and to get into our fundraising schedule, contact as immediately. 

If you are interested in participating and you believe your organization qualifies, then you're encouraged to please contact us our Beauty to Give Coordinator, Monica Glielmi at her email address here:

Please provide the following information:  

Monica Glielmi, 
Beauty to Give Coordinator for André Lorent Beauty