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A Story About Why We Started André Lorent

We blame it on St. Barths! One of my great passions is traveling. A trip to the island of Saint-Barths and seeing the beauty of the island and its people, inspired my husband and I to create the line of exceptional beauty products that embodied what we experienced on that island.

Our desire was to capture this spirit in each product that we produce, and this journey led us to forming my own skin care line of pure, high quality, science-based products called... André Lorent Beauty.

With literally thousands of skin creams out there, why do women turn to André Lorent products? It is because of the anti-aging science that goes into every jar.

For years we searched (without luck) for an effective line of creams and beauty products that would meet our high standards of pure, science-based ingredients.

The problem was that we could not find one that met our strict criteria. Finally out of frustration, we decided to create our own line of products! That is how André Lorent Beauty was born.

We have also lovingly created several top-rated beauty accessories such as our Vegan Makeup Brush Set, specially designed Kabuki brushes, and more. Each created for both longevity of use and esthetic appeal with great design.  

We love to hear from our André Lorent customers! Do not hesitate to write me should you have questions or comments. We personally read each and every email that comes in. 

Happy shopping!

André Lorent