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Short Handle Foundation Brush

$16.99 $32.96

Want that "airbrushed" look all the celebrities seem to have? Look no further. This amazing brush beautifully blends your foundation into your skin.

In addition it can easily cover minor blemishes, spots and even acne with most types of foundations. Imagine your makeup going on flawlessly every time- that's what you get due to the LuxeFiber that Andre Lorent is famous for.

It's incredible how this brush is both dense and soft - soft like teddy bear fur. If you ever wondered why you could never get your foundation right, wonder no more. Get yourself this beautiful brush by Andre Lorent and you're good to go!

Throw your standard, boring foundation brushes out the window - now you're able to achieve a natural finish effortlessly. And this brush is built to last. Forget the shedding that cheaper brushes suffer from.

Get your Andre Lorent Kabuki flat brush today because you deserve it!


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