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VinChill PRO Wine Chiller - The Fastest, Easiest Way to Keep Wine Perfectly Chilled.

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Why the VinChill?

  • It keeps wine chilled, without needing to use dripping wet ice buckets!
  • Keep your white wine chilled so you don't have to keep getting up using the fridge.
  • Keeps your wine chilled indoors and outdoors.
  • Perfect for backyard and deck occasions. Great for romantic picnics.

Easy to use! Keep the VinChill in your freezer. When you need it simply insert the VinChill into any bottle of wine. The chill stick maintains the optimal drinking temperature of your wine for up to an hour.

Avoid Messy Drips! Pour your wine through the built-in pour spout and enjoy! Once inserted, pour your wine like normal. Gently aerates wine as it pours into your glass. No need to keep removing the chill stick every time you want to a pour a glass, like other brands. No drips! No mess! No fuss!

Easy to clean. Simply run under warm water. Done! Durable. Backed with 100% Lifetime Quality Guarantee.

Portion of every VinChill sold, is directly donated to solving childhood hunger in America & helping to feed impoverished children. Featured in National Media: Andre Lorent has been featured in Frommers Travel, Miami Herald, Newsday, Chicago Daily Herald, Worth Magazine, Star Tribune, and hundreds of others are talking about us. See what all the buzz is about!

"Wonderful! I love this product." "Not just a chiller! Also an aerator! I love it!" "It makes having a bottle of wine more enjoyable when you don't have to continually put and pull back out of the fridge" "Perfect if you love white wines..."

#1 Recommended Wine Chiller by André Lorent With Built-In Pourer & Aerator:

1. Our VinChill Wine Chiller keeps wine colder, longer, without the drips.

  • No drips! No more messy ice buckets or trips to the fridge for your wine.
  • Built-In combination pour spout & aerator. It gently aerators your wine.
  • Once inserted, pour your wine like normal.

2. It's So Easy To Use!

  • Step 1. Place VinChill into your freezer
  • Step 2. Place VinChill into bottle of wine.
  • Keeps wine cool up to one hour.
  • VinChill is the Fastest, Easiest Way to Keep Wine Perfectly Chilled.

3. 100% UNCONDITIONAL Money Back Guarantee.

Portion of Every Purchase Donated to Childhood Food Shelters. Click add to cart ... enhance your wine and enhance the world.

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