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4 Anti-Aging Tips Every Woman Must Know

It’s on every woman’s mind at this point – even 3% of the market for anti-aging products are under 18 years old. In a recent poll, Bank of America Merrill Lynch (weird, I know) found that 40% of women between 25-35 have started using anti-aging products or expect to start soon.

It’s tough aging in such an anti-aging society. So what’s a woman to do? Well here are 4 tips that are simple yet effective you should consider!

#1 – Quit Smiling?

Kim Kardashian recently posted an image on Instagram with this caption: “See I do smile... even laugh on occasion. Not too often though because it causes wrinkles”.


She’s not the only one – Victoria Beckham, in an interview with Vogue, explains she only “[smiles] on the inside”. Double sigh.

It is absolutely true that repetitively using facial muscles can accelerate the loss of collagen and elastin in your skin – especially beginning in your late 30’s and early 40’s.

However, that’s not the whole story. In several scientific studies it has been proven that smiling (and laughing) can decrease stress levels, lower feelings of anxiety, release endorphins, boost your immune system and more.

The question is which is more damaging to your skin (and well being)? And the answer is obvious – I’m telling you to risk some possible wrinkles because you’re more likely to radiate a youthful look by finding things to be happy about.

It’s easy, too – the best way to feel happier is to feel grateful for everything you have – big or small.

When you feel better, you tend to eat better, too. Which leads us to…

#2 Diet & Skin

If you believe what Suzanne Somers says, then everything from genetically modified foods (GMOs) and even the leaching of plastic chemicals into bottle water can leave you toxic. This affects both your skin complexion and your health.

You can argue with her conclusions (and scientific knowledge), but she does look incredible for her age. How much is genetics, how much is her access to the world’s foremost integrative physicians and other professionals, beauty products and how much is it due to diet?

Again, who really knows. However, what is apparent is what you put in your body affects the skin on your body.

And it’s not about “fat” either. In fact, a lot of this no fat, low fat trend that started in the '70s has coincided with the increase in obesity in the US. Why? Because when you substitute sugar for fat, you're really just piling on extra, empty calories.

The reality is certain fats are great for your skin. They provide essentials oils, antioxidants and even repel free-radical damage.

What foods contain these good fats? Here’s a good start: Avocados, black olives, whole eggs, salmon and other fatty fish, nuts, legumes and coconuts.

At the very least you should get grounded flaxseed and simply sprinkle a tablespoon or two on every meal you eat – this is a simple way to get healthy fat as well as omega 3 fatty acids.

Other foods you should consider for a healthier skin include sweet potatoes, blue berries, green and yellow peppers, green tea, kale and good old fashion water. When you combine a great diet with the right products, amazing things can happen.

#3 Be Gentle

Unless you’re still a teenager (I wish!) your skin is more sensitive and less resilient than it was in those adolescent years.

It’s true you used to be able to get away with scrubbing and scouring your face repeatedly throughout the day. And you know what? For a lot of girls that worked.

Not so much as you age. In fact, it’s better to cleanse only once or twice a day – ideally once in the morning and night. If you over-wash you actually remove surface oils which protect your skin.

When you do cleanse, do it gently. With the right products, you shouldn’t need to go to town with it. A soft application is more than suffice.

The real focus need not be on getting rid of the “grease”… it should be exfoliation. As your skin ages, it “slows” – meaning your pores can get clogged easier, among other things. 

Get rid of the harsh scrubs and abrasive treatments. Focus on moisturization, hydration, skin cell rejuvenation and collagen production.

#4 Tried And True Vs. Trendy

A recent article in the Daily Mail purported that rubbing silkworm cocoons can wipe away wrinkles.

Does it? The answer is… who knows. On one hand it sounds preposterous. On the other hand, if it works without side effects or other complications, maybe it’s worth a shot?

I’m all about experimenting – however most of these new breakthroughs you have to treat like lottery tickets… they probably won't work but if you can part with a bit of money for a long shot, then go crazy.

The difference though is some of these new treatments can cause irreversible damage to your skin. No one quite knows the final verdict on Botox. Plus there is a new treatment I was just reading about where, with the use of fractal lasers, several micro cuts and wounds are created on the skin surface. The theory is that it will stimulate the skin to “repair” these invisible wounds, thus reversing certain aging aspects.

I don’t know about that. What we do know is that there absolutely certain ingredients in creams, serums, oils, cleansers and other beauty products that do work.

Ingredients like Matrixyl, Argireline, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins A,B,C, D & E, caffeine, shea butter, sunflower seed oil, retinol and other ingredients have proved to be effective. Which is what we infuse into our beauty products here.

How effective they are often depends on the exact formulation. And not every skin type responds exactly the same to every product on the market. Try different products to see what is right for you!

The bottom line is when you combine lifestyle, diet and mindset with the proper skin regimens, you’re about as close to the fountain of youth as you can get!